About ICW


Industrial Coffee Works is actively involved in providing training to people from disadvantaged communities. We provide these young men and women with skills that will benefit them in the restaurant industry – barista training, waiter training, etc – and we hope that these skills will ultimately lead them to better job opportunities in the future, and even aid them in starting their own businesses one day.

ICW also runs a campaign called Coffee Reserved, where customers have a chance to buy a cup of coffee for someone less fortunate, while paying for their own coffee. We are always on the lookout for more opportunities to become involved in community outreach programs.



Brian Chuma is currently mastering his barista skills at Industrial Coffee Works. Originating from Zimbabwe, Brian has developed his skills to a very high level and invites you to come and sample his brew at any time. We look forward to seeing everyone.

Much love – the Works Team.
(Photography- Timothy Barlin. Subject – Brian Chuma. Location – Industrial Coffee Works, Centurion)

Brian Chuma
Brian Chuma
Brian Chuma